Probate, Estate Litigation, & Elder Law


Not all estates are required to go through the formal Probate process!

Call today to determine if you can avoid the costs and delays of Probate! 

While "Probate" technically means the Proving of a Will, the Probate process generally involves identifying the property of a decedent, notifying creditors, paying obligations and taxes, and then distributing the remaining property to appropriate beneficiaries.  We assist and guide you through the technicalities and complexities of the Probate process.  Call now to get the process started!


Estate Litigation

The process of interpreting and administering a Will or Trust can lead to disputes.  We assist with all types of disagreements related to interpretation, administration, or distribution of assets under a Will or Trust.  Contact us today!

  • Validity of a Will or Trust
  • Competency of Decedent when a Will or Trust is executed
  • Status of Beneficiary/Heir
  • Inheritance Claims of Surviving Spouse/Child not in the Will
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty of Trustee, Executor, or Administrator
  • Third-Party or Creditor Claims


Elder Law

As our loved ones age, they may need assistance with everyday tasks.  Unfortunately, the people we turn to in order to provide this assistance do not always act appropriately.  If you have reason to believe that your loved one has been mistreated, call now to find out how we can help!

Elder Abuse can take many forms and cause serious emotional, physical, and psychological harm.  We represent clients who suffer from Financial Exploitation, Neglect, Physical/Emotional Abuse, and Abandonment.  Call now!